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Al-Ain International Eye Trust was established in 2003 with the primary objective of providing free eye care to those least able to afford it. We have taken up the challenge to help poor people, in underdeveloped countries, suffering from treatable blindness and other eye related diseases. We envision an organisation, which would grow to provide treatment to people across the length and breadth of Pakistan and other developing countries . We want free eye-care to be within reach of every underprivileged citizen of under-developed countries.

The founder of the trust, Dr Irfan Kundi, a prominent Eye Surgeon from England, is an exceptional individual who has taken it upon himself, along with other member trustees, to alleviate the pain and misery his saw during his visit to under-developed countries. At Al-Ain International Eye Trust, we fully understand that in developing and overpopulated countries such as Pakistan, the State often does not have adequate resources to provide for all the health needs. In such a situation when primary health care needs remain severely insufficient, ophthalmologic services and even basic preventive eye care are almost unknown.

Al-Ain International Eye Trust will therefore work to bridge the gap between the high incidence of eye related problems and the inadequacy of medical facilities by;  

  •          Providing patients with free medication as well as laboratory and surgical facilities with appropriate state of the art equipments.
  •          Disseminating information in both urban and rural areas about eye related diseases and preventive measures.
  •          Collaborating with other welfare organisations to run outreach programmes
  •          To arrange eye camps or eye clinics, where economically disadvantaged people can come for free eye care, in deprived and far flung area of other developing countries  
  •          Provide financial support for an eye camp and to other multidisciplinary hospitals for cataract surgery or other medical projects.
  •          Prevention and control of blindness by providing standard and sustainable eye care services in Pakistan and other developing countries.
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