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Al-Ain International Eye Trust is one of the best professional charity run by the highly qualified medical professionals. Our long term vision is to create new health and education facilities with emphasis on free health and education for underprivileged citizen of under-developed countries. In harmony with its vision, Al-Ain is committed to restore life harmony, completeness, balance and fulfillment in health care. A larger canvase is needed, that's why, with life as the central focus, a completely new hospital is going to be created, just near to agriculture research farm off Mianwali-Talagang road Chakwal, Pakistan. Complete health facilities within the premises will be assured. A project with proper future extension (Medical College and Medical research based programs).

Al-Ain International Eye Trust Ambulance Services

The trust has already imported 2 ambulances which will be operational from mid February 2005 at Rawalpindi and Chaksawari, Azad Kashmir but three more ambulances are being imported to join the fleet of ambulances which will operate throughout Azad Kashmir, Chakwal, Talagang, and Mianwali etc. These ambulances are fully equipped with essential medical resuscitation equipment like ECG monitor, defibrillator, essential lifesaving imported drugs, oxygen etc. Most importantly trained paramedics will accompany the ambulance drivers to look after patients in need. Some of the ambulances are donated by our UK Muslim brothers for Aisal-E-Sawab of their deceased parents etc and we hope that more kind and generous people will join this kind venture. We provide free ambulance services to poor patients and people but request wealthy people to pay and donate towards these essential and vital services provided to the community. We aim to expand these services to the whole Azad Kashmir and Pakistan as well as other needy 3rd world countries.

Opt in

As regard to overseas partnering and training initiative we have already got collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust (Leeds, UK) in various specialties including Ophthalmology, Orthoptics, Spinal Injury Accident & Emergency department, Yorkshire Ophthalmology Services, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull UK. In the process of negotiation with other UK NHS & private hospitals in order to exchange expertise on a mutual basis, there will be enormous opportunities for surgical training in various specialties, mutual research program. Paramedical training exchange program will be enhanced. Collaboration with Opticians & Orthoptics in UK will be encouraged. Please contact us if anyone is interested in this program.

We will do our best to accommodate any such volunteer in our existing charitable hospitals throughout Pakistan.

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