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Al-Ain International Eye Trust is one of the best professional charity run by the highly qualified professionals from both business and medical professions. We are also negotiating with Sight Savers International, Christian Blind Mission International (CBM) and other similar reputable charitable organizations through out the world for collaboration.

Our long term vision is to create new health and education facilities with emphasis on providing free health and education for underprivileged citizen of under-developed countries.

     Main Aims and Objectives

  • To arrange eye camps or run eye clinics in deprived and far flung area of Pakistan, where economically disadvantaged people can come for free eye care.
  • Provide financial for eye and other multidisciplinary hospitals or facilitate cataract surgery or other medical projects.
  • Prevention and control of blindness by providing standard and sustainable eye care services in Pakistan.
  • Undertake campaign to collect used hospital equipments and other useful medical consumables from hospitals in and around UK and donate it to overseas organizations. Provide free of charge Ophthalmology or other multidisciplinary services, specifically in  Pakistan.
  •  To set up model charity hospitals at under privileged areas in and around Pakistan and equip these with the donated equipments and other facilities.
  • To provide donated equipments and necessary funding to existing government run hospitals at under privileged areas and work in collaboration with the local health authorities.
  • To Provide health and education to underprivileged from Nursery to Higher Classes.
  • To help brilliant students in acquiring higher education on loan basis.(they will pay back the loan when they will find employment)

Aims and Objectives
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